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Questions Commonly Asked


What paper are your photographs printed on?

All my photographs are printed on Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag paper. This stock leads the way for professional fine art printing. It’s beautiful texture enhances the already grainy style of my imagery, making the print more of an artwork than a photograph.

Can I get digital copies of your photographs?

I do not release master files to the public, however you can contact me privately for a collaboration or to discuss a digital licensing agreement.


Who does your framing?

My framing is done by trusty pros in Sydney and Auckland. I've quality controlled this process over the years to guarantee beautiful results.

What is artglass?

All my framing is done using artglass. Artglass is UV protected and non reflective glass which means no garish lights or bright sun will appear on your framed artworks. It also protects your print to stay in good knick for longer.


Can I open my print when I receive it?

Unless you are framing your print yourself, it’s best to avoid handling the print yourself. It’s a precious stock and you might get a mark on it before it gets to it’s final resting place. Take it to a professional, or use special gloves for handling artwork.

Where's the best place to hang my artwork?

Even if you choose Artglass, it’s always smart to keep your artwork in a spot where it’s not being beaten by the elements. This will improve the lifespan of your print and reduce the chance of glare. There's a reason that art galleries are so cold. The cooler, the better.